Trip Advisor
My friend Erica suggests using this site as jumping-off point to get familiar with a new place. You can search “Top Things to Do” for a destination to get an idea of the popular tourist activities to see if any interest you. Also a great resource to double-check a hotel property before booking.

Google Flights
Ashley loves using the ‘explore flights’ option, it lets you type in your departure city and see prices for flights to destinations all over the world. A great way to find cheap flights.

Lonely Planet
The motherlode of travel advice by destination. The site is very well designed, making it easy and quick to browse a location to get the information you need.

Rick Steves Guidebooks
If you’re headed to Europe, trust us and pick up a Rick Steves’ guidebook. Erica and I both recommend him for great advice for daily itineraries, boutique hotels, city walks, museum walk-throughs and history.

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