Here are 7 ideas on making cleaning fun with kids: 

1. Color sorting with the laundry when it’s thrown into the washer. Young children love colors and sorting, so this is a perfect activity to do with them. As we sort lights from darks, let the kids sort by specific colors as well. You can even play a little eye spy game for colors you see. Then they can toss in a Tide Pods Spring Meadow Laundry Detergent or a Gain Flings Pods Laundry Detergent afterwards. These pods always do a great job getting our soiled clothes clean and fresh smelling again.

2. Kids love spray bottles, so when doing laundry let them spray the stained clothes before throwing them into the washer! They’ll do a way more thorough job than you will, trust me. We love making our own natural stain spray. Mix a bit of water, lemon, hydrogen peroxide, and natural soap into a spray bottle. After spraying, throw in a Downy Unstoppable In Wash Scent Booster before starting your wash for an extra boost of freshness for soiled clothing.

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